Collaborative, user friendly and secure


An interaction and collaboration platform to allow multiple project partners and collaborators to input, collect and share spare parts information (SPIR) between all stakeholders in real time.

It's the perfect efficiency tool for any asset-intensive industry​.

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It's time to go from this...

The most significant pain points in Supply Chain Management are poor information quality, complicated data collection and lacking assurances related to spare parts. ​

Spreadsheets and email threads have been a staple and norm for all SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeability Record) processes for 30+ years.

Vital information required to manage material information, develop and operate assets and ensure efficient project development and operations is too often lost or simply wrong.

As a result, industrial stakeholders waste thousands of hours, billions of dollars and  leave massive, unnecessary carbon footprints.


I-SPIR enables every project stakeholder to collaborate, quality assure and effectuate project data in real time, seamlessly integrated with any and every ERP system on the market.

I-SPIR is a fully modular and scalable SaaS solution, designed and built on decades of hands on supply chain management experience, by people who know all too well the struggles supply chain stakeholders face every da, to make daily project planning, execution and follow-up as time efficient, detailed and hassle-free as possible.

Still, we know old habits die hard. That's why we are focusing hard on making the interface, user experience and customer service as low bar as possible. 

Our proprietary coding platforms enables us to deliver custom turnkey solutions in weeks, fully tailored towards any all requirements your company or projects might have.

It's supply chain management done right. Finally.

The Solution

By digitally transforming the SPIR process (I-SPIR™) we have cracked a 30 year old problem that no one has managed to do before. ​

We have built a SaaS solution where data quality of information and collaboration is taken care of. 


Key benefits

Improved Data Quality

Our collaborative SPIR system secures data quality for end users, vendors and suppliers, resulting in less time, reduced CAPEX and OPEX and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

For Any Industry

I-SPIR is a industry agnostic solutions, fully designed to be implemented in and across any al all asset heavy industry segment.

Reduced Inventory Cost

With quality assured SPIR data you are able to control and collaborate on inventory issues - resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Real-time Collaboration

We have built a secure and collaborative SaaS platform that finally enables collaborative efforts in real time.

For Suppliers

I-SPIR enables direct client communication for both suppliers and vendors.

Spreadsheet Free

No need to use complex and error-prone spare part spread sheets.

Clean Existing Data

As part of our AMMS™-platform, ISPIR offers features to both clean existing system data as well as preventing bad data from entering.


A secure and collaborative cloud based solution provides autonomous features to processes previously dominated by spreadsheets and endless email chains.

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