We offer unique digital solutions to eliminate every form of industrial supply chain waste


Saving time. Cutting costs. Reducing carbon footprints.


Digital transformation made easy

Smartcube offers cutting edge SaaS solutions for material management and SPIR processes to vastly improve industrial data quality in every form, with proven results.

No more spreadsheets. No more emails. No more overstock, wrong items ordered or time spent looking for the right project assets.

Less time. Less cost. Less carbon footprints. Immediately.

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The world needs more sustainable and efficient supply chains

We know. And we have the solutions to fix it.

By combining extensive domain expertise and experience, innovative digital tools and agile deployment through fully customisable solutions, we cover every aspect of supply chain management. 

Whatever SCM challenge you might have, we either have a solution already, or we can make one in record time.



Efficiency is
always key

Our intuitive and user friendly robotic process automation platform is designed to reduce resources spent on time-consuming and tedious supply chain processes by 80% or more.

Less time spent on spreadsheets, emails, material management, SPIRs, documentation, manual typing and struggling for compliance means freeing up time for value creation across your entire organization.

Sustainability goes both ways, inside and out.


Never buy what you'll never need

By switching to a smarter, true multi-client solutions for all your project parts and spare parts orders and SCM decision making, you'll be able to effectively cut needless overstock and logistics to zero.

Our solutions focus on data quality improvements, making sure that your material management operations are indexed, tracked and utilized perfectly.

Best of all: They are all fully compatible with every major ERP system on the market.

Benefit 3: Less carbon footprints

Let's push
things forward

Industrial supply chains have been struggling with bad data sets for decades, and the planet has suffered as a result.

It's simple math: All the equipment you needlessly order as a result of wrong input data needs to be paid for, manufactured, transported, stored and eventually scrapped, leaving massive carbon footprints along the way.

Our solutions mitigate all that, by ensuring that you only order the parts you actually need.

It's a win-win for both you and the environment.


Our Business Areas

We have extensive SCM knowledge and experience

Domain Expertise

We have more than 60 years of inhouse SCM domain expertise, making us a trustworthy and capable consultancy partner with a deep understanding for the detailed needs of our customers.


SCM solutions

We offer off-the-shelf and custom master data and warehouse management solutions with extremely short lead times for delivery


Custom Solutions

We have more than 40 years experience in development and operation of industrial software solutions, and can deliver fully ERP-compatible custom solutions based on our AMMS® platform


Virtual Reality Collaboration

We offer state-of-the-art VR solutions to enhance your CAD- and 3D process collaborations related to every aspect of supply chain processes.


What our clients say:

"We implemented I-MAT to secure warehouse management and spare parts inventory for the Martin Lenge field, and the results were instant. We made back the entire investment on the first click of a button"

"The Norwegian energy sector is in dire need of solid digital solutions in order to stay sustainable and competitive in the years to come. I-SPIR can make a major, positive difference for supply chain- and spare parts-intensive operations."

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